Regional Partners

Invest in Skåne

Invest in Skåne is the official regional business promotion agency for Southern Sweden.

Getting the most out of your investment means finding the right business partners who can support you pre-, during and after investment. Invest in Skåne is such a partner. Whether you are looking to establish a new operation, expand your existing business, license new technologies or find companies for acquisition we can offer you a tailored service to support you all the way.

Business Region Göteborg

Business Region Göteborg´s mission is to ensure that the region flourishes. And if we have learnt anything over the years, it´s that external influences are a source of enrichment. This is why we want to make it easy for foreign businesses to set up here.

Our Establishment & Investment department works in close cooperation with the region´s industry, municipalities, property owners and educational institutions. All you need to do is make one phone call and we will help you to get into one of the most rapidly expanding markets in Europe.

Business Region Göteborgoffer tailor-made solutions for companies wanting to establish a new business in the region as well as for companies wanting to expand an existing business.

Stockholm Business Region

Stockholm Business Region Development is the official investment promotion agency of Stockholm. We work on a long-term basis with the marketing and development of the Stockholm region as a business destination.