Life Science Organisations

The life science industry is one of Sweden’s most important sectors and a fast growing market both in Sweden and globally. Progress in the area impacts the quality of life for all of us and at the same time benefits society in terms of economic growth and cost-efficient quality healthcare. The importance of the sector is mirrored by a number of national and regional organisations supporting research, innovation and entrepreneurship.

There are trade organisations organising different sectors of the industry and there are investment and trade promotion organisations working to support Swedish entities in their international efforts.

Yet another important function is represented by the Swedish incubators and science parks, organised in Swedish incubators and science parks, SISP.


Swedish Medtech

Swedish Medtech is the Association for Medical Technology companies in Sweden. One of the goals of the organisation is to improve business conditions for medical technology on the international market. At present, Swedish Medtech has around 170 member companies.

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Läkemedelsindustriföreningen, LIF

LIF is the trade association for research-based pharmaceutical companies in Sweden. The organisation acts as an advocate for policy issues important to the companies and provides support in the form of information and advice about developments that may affect the working conditions for their Swedish operations.

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SwedenBIO is the national organisation working for the benefit of the entire life science sector in Sweden and it is a member driven, private non-profit organisation. Its main objective is to improve and maintain industry conditions which will support prosperous growth and business development for the life science industry. Member companies are active in the fields of pharmaceutical, biotech, medtech and diagnostics.

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SwedNanotech is an umbrella organisation for Swedish nanotech companies and organisations. The goals of the organisation are to influence society, create meeting places and to build bridges between academia, industry, and the public.

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Swedish Labtech

Swedish Labtech is a trade organisation for companies that sell diagnostics, laboratory supplies, and tools for analysis and biotechnology. It has around 75 member companies that are responsible for more than 80 per cent of the sector’s revenue. Swedish Labtech also acts as an advocate for policy issues important to the companies.

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Business Sweden - The Swedish Trade and Invest council

Business Sweden helps both Swedish companies to grow outside Sweden and foreign contributors to invest in Sweden. The organisation has offices in almost 60 different countries that can give support in areas such as research and development, capital investments, business collaborations and new establishments. 

Business Sweden is owned by the government and industry, represented by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Swedish Foreign Trade Association. The shared ownership provides access to contacts and networks at all levels.

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Invest in Skåne

Invest in Skåne is part of Business Region Skåne, a public company with the goal to promote Skåne in Sweden and internationally. Invest in Skåne offers free of charge services and supports local companies by providing contacts, international business opportunities and joint marketing efforts.

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Business Region Göteborg

Business Region Göteborg is a public company committed to increased employment and sustainable growth in the Gothenburg region. It runs a number of industry development projects that aim to contribute to growth in strategic areas. Business Region Göteborg also works towards internationalisation and corporate development in the region. Life Science is one of BRG’s main focus areas.

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Invest Stockholm

Invest Stockholm is a public company that supports companies that want to establish in the Stockholm-Uppsala region by providing free and qualified advice and services.  Invest Stockholm strives to develop and market Stockholm as a location for start-ups and interesting place to visit. The goal is to make Stockholm Europe's leading sustainable growth region.

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Sweden’s Chambers of Commerce

There are eleven chambers of commerce in Sweden, located throughout the country. They are mainly engaged in infrastructure issues to increase the collaboration between business life and the government. The Swedish Chambers of Commerce are part of an international network consisting of 12 000 chambers of commerce around the world with 50 million member companies. The Stockholm Chamber of Commerce has a network exclusively for companies active in the life science industry.

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Swedish incubators and science parks

SISP is a non-profit organisation for business incubators and science parks all over Sweden. It has 65 members that together organise 43 business incubators, 33 science parks encompassing 5000 companies with more than 70 000 employees. SISP’s focus is to support the growth of knowledge-based companies.

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List of incubators, science parks and regional organisations in Stockholm


Flemingsberg Science

Innovationskontoret vid Karolinska Institutet

Karolinska Development

Karolinska Innovations

Karolinska Science Park

Serendipity Innovations


Stockholm Life

Stockholm Science City