Early diagnosis providing hope

Pancreatic cancer is one of the deadliest forms of cancer. In a majority of cases, the cancer is diagnosed when it is too late to cure. CREATE Health at Lund University, led by Professor Carl Borrebaeck, focuses on biomarker discovery for the early diagnosis of cancer. Their diagnostic platform technology, developed for the global market by Immunovia, is now being evaluated by leading clinics around the world. Pancreatic cancer has been selected as the No 1 priority.

The test platform creates a biological snapshot of an individual’s immune-response by analysing serum proteins that change as a sign of disease. The technology combines many years of clinical immune-proteomics research from Lund University, the development of serum protein biomarker signatures, and bioinformatics algorithm and software to interpret clinical test data. A simple blood test provides all the necessary information for enabling early diagnosis, as well as for following disease progression, and/or therapy monitoring.

Treatment for pancreatic cancer is improving and it could change from being a death sentence if it can be picked up early enough. However, 80% of the patients are beyond treatment with curative intent by the time they are diagnosed. Our collaboration to further validate Immunovia’s test in a prospective study will enable us to take a potentially lifesaving test into the clinic.

Dr. Bill Greenhalf, Operational Director of Liverpool Good Clinical Laboratory Practice Facility and Lead Scientist of EUROPAC