Novel Ways of Progressing Personalised Medicine

Swedish AMRA and one of the world´s largest pharmaceutical companies have begun a collaboration to assess fat and muscle measurements in magnetic resonance (MR) images of 7,000 subjects registered in the UK Biobank. The collaboration aims to help provide a better understanding of the relationship between body composition and risk for obesity related diseases, as well as a broader understanding of conditions linked to body composition. AMRA´s body composition measurements are acquired via a 6-minute MRI scan and translated via AMRA® Profiler, a cloud-based, computer-aided service. The results provide precise measurements of various fat and muscle group volumes significantly faster than other alternatives. By using AMRA’s detailed body composition measurements for advanced phenotyping of participants in a clinical trial, a better stratification of participants can be achieved. The advantages are smaller test groups, better results, less adverse effects, and reduced costs. Within clinical trials, the early detection of small changes in fat and muscle volumes enables earlier and better decision-taking.

Tommy Johansson, Chief Executive Officer at AMRA